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A different type of coffee shop

Make every sip of coffee and every drop of ink count

We have a passion for not only coffee but anything that can be printed or designed

86 Church Street Victoria West, Northern - Cape, South- Africa

Enjoy the Coffee and do the printing

The Way You
Like It

Situated in the breathtaking small Karoo town , Victoria West. We are a Coffee Shop print shop. Come visit us to have your printing done, and have a good cup of coffee while you wait.

person holding book


Coffee and even more lekka printing

We offer a range of printing solutions, and try to do most of the printing in house. We do however have a wide channel of printing partners all over South – Africa. And anything that could not be done in house is done in any of our other locations and couriered to where it needs to be sent anywhere in south-africa

Good coffee
Good printing
brand development

what we do.

Our Services

1. Business Branding
2. Marketing
3. Signage
4. Graphic Designing

5. Laminating
6. Printing
7. ID Photos
8. CV Typing

Clothing Printing
Mug Printing
Paper and cardboard printing
Photo Printing