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Fast Lead times

We value your time, and understand that
" time = money" , therefore we try and get you order out as soon as possible while ensuring the quality is of upmost perfection

Good Coffee

We believe that good coffee keeps your creative juices flowing, ensuring you work at your 100% potential

Conference Rooms

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Pro Equipment

We have used a wide variety of equipment over the years, and only work with the best equipment ensuring that your printing and coffee is of an excellent quality

Free Quotation

We will work out a free quotation before we start with your printing, to make sure you don't get any surprises when you come and collect your work

24/7 Access





Where are we ?

t shirt, fashion, drawing
T - Shirt Printing

We offer a wide variety of printing options

person in white shirt using sewing machine
3D Printing

We have pride in the 3D printing solution we offer. We use Plastic, Resin, Nylon and full metal when 3D printing parts. Ensuring high detail and strength

ID Photo's

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We would love to get in contact

079 878 3939

86 Church Street , Victoria West